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Spear CPA CFP is a business-focused tax, accounting, and consulting firm that specializes in New York City businesses. Since 2004, our one-stop shop has helped hundreds of business clients with a variety of comprehensive tax services including:

  • Complex tax and accounting matters,
  • Tax return preparation,
  • Financial planning and budgeting,
  • Resolving major and minor tax issues, and
  • Consulting with business clients to reduce taxes and save money.

Why choose Spear CPA CFP?

We are your one-stop source for comprehensive tax and accounting services. Spear CPA CFP is 100% committed to:

  • Top tax expertise available in NYC
  • Excellent client service
  • Exceptional communication
  • Professional business tax advocates

Meir Spear, CPA CFP 

Owner, Spear CPA CFP 

Spear CPA CFP was founded in 2004 by Meir Spear. Meir and his team specialize in servicing the small business community in the New York Region. They have offices conveniently located in Manhattan and Brooklyn. They are able to parley their cutting edge techniques to help business owners maximize their tax benefits and ensure compliance with rules and regulations.